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Online onboarding software

Skileo is free, simple online onboarding software. Easy setup, no training required. We're making onboarding easy and engaging for everybody. It saves you time and money.

In the cloud

No downloads or installation required. Use our cloud based software from anywhere.

All in one place

We cover every stage of the employee onboarding process. Everything you need to onboard, in one place.


Skileo is your secure onboarding software. 256-bit encryption to protect your data.

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Employee onboarding

Employee onboarding

Welcome new hires your unique way. Engage new employees and make life easier. Automate your employee onboarding workflow ahead of their first day.

Tasks and documents

Tasks and documents

Create your individual onboarding checklist and document templates and ensure all important steps are covered.

Track and organise

Track and organise

Manage easily your employee onboarding using our visual pipeline. Track their activity from the beginning and all throughout their evaluation period. We help you stay organized and informed.



Invite members to your team and collaborate real-time. Get notifications and keep all team communication on one timeline. No old school email collaboration.

Employee Offboarding

Employee offboarding

When an employee has to say goodbuy, give him an organised departure and the farewell he deserves. Skileo helps you simplify the offboarding process.

Few easy steps to get started

Whether you’re an established company or a start-up, we’ve got you covered. Skileo gives you all the tools you need.

Tasks and documents
Prepare your tasks, tips and documents
Onboarding process
Import and onboard new hires
Track and organise
Track and manage progress
Еmployee confirmation
Confirm your new hires
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