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Streamline your workforce management. Easy setup, effective and intuitive. We're making employee management easy and engaging for everybody. Skileo saves you time and money.

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No downloads or installation required. Use our cloud based software from anywhere.

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The perfect HR software to manage your workforce. Everything you need, in one place.


Skileo is your secure employee management software. 256-bit encryption to protect your data.

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Employee database

Employee database

With Skileo you can add and manage employees in your organization effortlessly. Accurately record all your employee data and manage them effectively.

Leave management

Leave management

Skileo simplifies your leave management process. You can record and monitor all types of leave in your organization: vacation, sick days, training etc.

Time tracking

Time tracking

Skileo's time tracker helps you keep track of your employees’ work time. Track your employees' attendance, over hours, absenteeism...

Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service

With Skileo's self-service feature employees have their own accounts and can access and update their own records. We help you simplify the record update process and make it more user friendly and efficient.

File Cabinet

File cabinet

Skileo enables you to store and share all your organization files. You can easily access, retrieve and share documents any time, and from anywhere.

Few easy steps to get started

Whether you’re an established company or a start-up, we’re here to help. Skileo gives you all the tools you need to manage your employees.

Add and manage your employees
Store and share your company files
Track employee work time and leaves
Employee self service
Share access with your employees
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