Our core values

Improving the way businesses manage and engage with their employees

We are passionate, honest, fun and we love what we do. We never stop learning , we listen to our clients and strive for continuous improvement.

What we do

We are building an HR software suite for small e medium-size organisations

We, at Skileo, are a young startup aiming to build a simple yet powerful HR (Human ressource) software suite. Starting form the Hiring software we will continue building solutions to help you with the employee Onboarding, Management, Engagement and Retention.

Recruiting software

Applicant tracking


Skileo recruiting software is an applicant tracking system for Staffing agencies, Independent Recruiters and Corporate HR's. We replace email and spreadsheets with a system that you will actually enjoy using.

Our simple yet powerful platform helps you track candidate progress from sourcing to hiring. Automate the entire process - going through stacks of resumes, discussing with your team, organizing interviews, etc. We make the recruitment process easier and let you focus on acquiring the right talent.

Onboarding software

Employee onboarding


Skileo onboarding software is a paperless employee onboarding that is simple and secure. Engage your new hires by making the process simple and more efficient.

Our simple and secure platform helps you engage your new hires be making the onboarding process more simple and efficient. Create task lists for new hires, add your custom forms and documents and manage your team from one dashboard.

HR software

Employee management


Skileo HR software is an employee management software.

We help your HR department work in a more simple and efficient way. Employee history, perks and incident reports. Any information needed is available at the click of a button. You can attach files, add notes, and store all of your employee info in one place.

Engagement software

Employee engagement


Skileo engagement software is the perfect tool to follow your employees happiness and gather feedback.

We help your organisation listen to your employees and get anonymous feedback. Let your team share their daily mood, feedback and ideas.